Rhinestone Rodeo

FWRadiology is a proud returning sponsor for Rhinestone Rodeo, a campaign by the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northeast Indiana (RMHC).   RMHC at Parkview is a home-away-from-home for pediatric families.  It exists to provide families with the support, comfort and convenience they need while their child is hospitalized. The 10th Annual Rhinestone Rodeo is on [...]

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Information About Your Upcoming Radiology Exam

Patients and their caregivers want more information about upcoming imaging examinations, but many are not getting it according to a recent study in the journal Radiology.  "One in five people are showing up for the exam without any information about the test they are getting," said Dr. Jay K. Pahade, an associate professor of radiology [...]

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Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women. In men, prostate cancer is more common, while in women breast cancer is more common. About 14% of all new cancers are lung cancers. While it is the second most common cancer, it has a worse prognosis and is by far [...]

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Radiation Dose

People often wonder just how much radiation they will be exposed to when they require imaging as part of their care plan. We are surrounded by sources of radiation all the time from natural sources such as minerals in the ground to man-made sources such as medical x-rays. The chart above shows the sources and [...]

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