A radiologist is a doctor that specializes in using different types of medical imaging techniques.   They use x-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET) and ultrasound to diagnose diseases as well as treat diseases and injuries.

Our radiologists graduated from medical school, passed a licensing examination, and went on to complete a radiology residency of at least four years.  Many went on to complete a one to two year fellowship in a subspecialty such as musculoskeletal imaging (imaging your muscles and bones), neuroradiology (imaging your brain and spine), interventional radiology (performing minimally invasive procedures using image guidance), women’s imaging, pediatric imaging, and others.  Our radiologists are THE most trained physician in medical imaging after completing this training. They are all board certified indicating the highest level of training.

Radiologists are often able to see problems early by looking at the results of your imaging study and can provide an accurate diagnosis to the doctor who referred you. They also treat diseases such as cancer using minimally invasive procedures.

The role of our radiologists includes:

  • Helping to decide which type of imaging exam best fits your needs
  • Directing radiology technologists (the specialists who operate the equipment) to ensure quality exams
  • Reviewing and interpreting the images from your exam
  • Recommending further exams or other next steps in your treatment
  • Providing your physician with a detailed report of your exam
  • Acting as an expert imaging consultant to your referring physician

Radiological procedures are prescribed by your doctor and should only be completed by appropriately trained and certified physicians when medically necessary. Radiologist physicians have four to six years of unique, specific, post–medical school training that includes radiation safety.  They are able to ensure the best performance of radiological procedures and interpretation of medical images.

You can find additional information about radiologists and radiology subspecialties at the RadiologyInfo.org website: